It’s 11:24pm CST on Thursday, October 1st, 2015. I’ve now spent 6 hours deciding what my blog name would be, which free theme I would use, what my header image would look like and whether or not I wanted to register a domain. I’ll most likely spend another 45 minutes writing the contents of this page over and over.

It’s thus far been a harrowing experience.

I’ve started this blog to practice writing, and to put my creative process through its paces. But I also feel I need an outlet to say all those things that sometimes can’t be said to those around me in a given moment. Not because they’re dumb, or self-involved, but because my brain just spewed something so ME from the depths of my consciousness, that I’m not sure I want to let it escape without a little examination first.

I can’t promise my words will be funny, exciting or otherwise engaging, but they will definitely be mine.

Unless of course I’m quoting someone.

Or outright plagiarizing.

Also, CATS!

07 July

I did not create this image. I found it through the magic of Google and Photoshop’d my cat’s face into it. High five to whoever knows the reference. http://orig14.deviantart.net/2c30/f/2012/012/7/c/gmork__by_j4nus006-d4m4n6u.jpg


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