Video of the Week: Epic Rap Battle, Nerd vs. Geek

video of the week

Hmmm. I’ve only made three VOTW posts (including this one), yet this is somehow the second rap battle video to appear on my blog. I realize this may tarnish my g33k cred a little, but PLEASE watch them before you judge me!

Unlike the last, this rap battle sees two archetypes – rather than two characters from pop culture – go head to head for the honour and glory of their respective houses. What better way to end the age old Nerd vs Geek debate, I ask you? Definitely more fun than watching us box! Just try to imagine two grown ass men in a ring, hunched over their character sheets, tossing polyhedral die at one another. We’re probably even sweating!

Clearly I self-identify as a geek, and I went into this video fully expecting to support my brother-in-arms. Once all was said and done, however, I identified with everything they both said! Does this mean I’m some kind of  geek/nerd hybrid? Are there others like me? This might explain why I’ve had no luck dating my kind; there’s probably some mating ritual involving Star Wars and Red Bull that’s just never been explained to me! SAVE ME OBI WAN KENOBI!!! *glug glug glug*

Enjoy! And give Rhett & Link a sub if you’re a ‘Tuber, they’re hilarious!

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