Thank you, women of the world!

To my mother who raised three kids by herself, when my father was too self-involved to help;

To my older sister, the Mother Earth figure who constantly nurtures my body and spirit;

To my younger sister, who continually outpaces me in all things;

To the women of the arts world, who continue to fight for the space and recognition they deserve;

To the women of science and technology, who have to constantly prove themselves;

And to all of the singularly beautiful women in between who face daily challenges in our patriarchal society;


You teach me to love bigger, aim higher, talk louder, listen more deeply, and laugh more often. Because of you I understand that words and deeds need to come from a place of true intention. Because of you I’ve learned that growing is not just a matter of the physical, but of mental, spiritual, and emotional exploration. Because of you I grasp the importance of balance, and why our world is in perpetual imbalance.


Though this post arrives on International Women’s Day, I celebrate you every day, and cherish every moment I get to be around you. Nothing you do goes unnoticed, nothing you say goes unheard, so please keep doing and talking and BEING, and the world will catch up with you eventually!


Stay g33ky 🙂

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