Random Image Story: McFly

Random Image Stories are just that; stories told using a sequence of random images I generate here.


There are stories told among winged insects, of a hero that once flew among them.  He was said to have challenged the very ideas of their world, and led them to a better way of life.  He was said to be brave, smart, kind and generous in turns.  He was known to be the strongest and gentlest of his kind to ever live.

He was McFly.

McFly began his life as did many others of his kind;  struggling out of a pupa, learning how to fly, and feasting on piles of waste and excrement.  It was still early in his long, thirty days of life when he began to show signs of discontent.  One of the first stories told of McFly is how he defied the Lord of the Flies and chose to bath himself in a single, pristine drop of water after he had gorged himself on rotting garbage.

“We may eat garbage”, he intoned, “but we do not have to smell like garbage”.

It is believed that this act of defiance is what brought about the first assassination attempt by the Lord of the Flies, and one of the most epic stories that comprised the legend of McFly.


A human woman was sent to kill him, enticed by the great power of Lord of the Flies (though what he offered her in trade is anyone’s guess).  It was said she bathed in the trash of a local McDonalds and seduced McFly to her bed.  In the throes of passion, the human woman raised a mighty swatter above her head, prepared the crush the life out of McFly.  Unbeknownst to her, McFly had traded places with his body double mid-hump…


…and the swatter came crashing down on a powerful coastline.  The resulting waves pulled the human woman out to sea, where she is said to drift aimlessly to this day.  In that moment McFly knew he was being targeted, and vowed revenge on the woman’s employer.

To that end, McFly knew he must learn the ancient fighting style of…


…Hanging Laundry, and left home soon after to seek out the great Arabic masters of this deadly art.

He spent days in training, learning to fold and shape, pin and shake.  He soon outstripped those who taught him, and they sent him on his way to carry the teachings of Hanging Laundry into the wide world.

Returning home, McFly found that things were not as he remembered them.  The expected buzz of society was instead a low droning of anguish.  Travelling through his old haunts, he found dozens of his brothers and sisters in pain, unaware of what was happening around them.  Furious at their state, McFly looked away in anger, and in the distance saw…


…a towering spire of screws.  He could sense the evil emanating from the shining monument, and decided he must investigate.

As he drew close to the great tower, the low droning grew stronger.  He could see flies buzzing around the tips of each screw, darting in and out with abandon.  They seemed to be in a feeding frenzy!  A lone fly could be seen hovering above the centre of the spire – the Lord of the Flies.

“What have you done to my people?” McFly screamed, “they have lost themselves!”

The Lord of the Flies smiled a wicked smile and replied, “Oh, but I believe they have found themselves at last!  Welcome to the Screws, an invention of my own design that tricks the mind into believing whatever I tell it”.

McFly knew then what he had done.  “They only think they are feeding…and you are keeping the real food to yourself!  They will feed on nothing until they die, and then…what?  What will you do?”

“You will never know”, the Lord of the Flies snapped, and from behind him drew an enormous…


…painting of fingernails.

“H…how did you do that?” McFly asked, “I’ve never seen someone draw so fast.”

The Lord of the Flies looked back in confusion, and McFly knew that he had made a mistake.  He realized then that the Lord of the Flies was not all-powerful, and could be defeated.  The Lord of the Flies snarled and reached back again, drawing out a large…


…fish, leaping forward in a wild swing that nearly caught McFly unprepared.  But McFly had trained with the great Arabic masters of Hanging Laundry, and he would not be defeated so easily.

Turning aside the blow, McFly grabbed hold of the Lord of the Flies, pinning him neatly to the ground.  Calling on all of the skill learned in his days of training, McFly channeled his power into the one move he knew would destroy the Lord of the Flies and his creation…


…the Sleeping Hubcap and Fruit Attendant.  This move had been devised at the dawn of creation by those who created the Hanging Laundry style, but never used in combat.  It was prophesied that it would be used only once in all of time, and that the first to use it would have the most dire need.

In that moment McFly felt the power surge through him, and he unleashed the dreaded Sleeping Hubcap and Fruit Attendant on his foe.  The Lord of the Flies crumbled before him, as did his creation, the Screws collapsing into a great heap below.

It is said that after the battle, McFly could not be found when his friends and family awoke from their anguish-filled dreams.  Instead, they found an image carved in stone, an inscription engraved below it.

You may have been born bugs, but you CAN be the horse

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