Sir G33k of Leet: The Beginning


A mind reaches out to limbs, testing them one by one.  Fingers tingle with anticipation.

One eye opens, revealing a bright light in the utter darkness.  The garish, rectangular bloom of white becomes individual colours as the second eye unlids itself.  Consciousness unfolds.

What strange new world is this?  Who am I?

A jumble of images; lives lived, persons met, glories, failures, adventures.  Infinite, terrifying awareness fully envelops me.


I am Sir G33k of Leet.

My words seem to hover before me in the light, brought to life by…what?  I look down in surprise at my fingers, tingling no longer, but activated with purpose.  Hands so used to gripping a sword, or weaving the intricate shapes and patterns of magic now tap out a rhythm across an unfamiliar instrument.  Is this how one navigates this strange world?

My actions are these words.  My words are these actions.  Could it be so easy?

Curious, I stand up and dance a jig.  In fact, I dance the greatest jig ever jigged.  People from all corners of this strange new world come to witness my jig, to glory in its majesty.  They sing songs and craft prose for years after, for those who saw knew they were witnessing the next level of…jiggery.

Sir G33k of Leet gains +5 Jigging.

I am Sir G33k of Leet, and this is the first of my stories.

He awoke into the world a stranger…and jigged.  Why?
Milton Fakeman, Archivist

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