I rekindled my love affair with chess recently, and it’s been glorious (my user is j33bus on GameKnot if anyone wants to play)!  I’d forgotten how engaging this game can be.

“BITE YOUR TONGUE SIR!”, says the angry chess voice in my head (he’s totally British, too).  Sorry, angry chess voice in my head (he’s understandably touchy after being ignored for so many years).

He’s right though.  It isn’t a game, really; it’s more of a dance.

My first match back made me realize how many of the moves I’d forgotten.  I got thoroughly flogged across the dance floor by moonwalking knights, two-stepping pawns and those pesky rooks with their Risky Business-like floor slides.

How’s this metaphor working out for you?  What would bishops do, I wonder?  Something that moves cornerwise…?  Sounds like break dancing to me.  Now THAT’s an image to behold!  Holy men doing windmills and spinning around on their heads.  I might start attending church if there was more of that going on.

But I digress.  Back to the chess dance.

It feels good to exercise this part of my brain again.  It’s not as simple an exercise as just problem solving and strategy, the chess dance requires that you learn how read your opponent, interpret their moves and look beyond the open spaces on the dance floor.  Good chess dancers will choreograph their moves 2-10 steps ahead, but are never BOUND to their choreography.  They adapt as the dance floor changes and moves around them, and can re-invent themselves with each step taken.

If you think I’m building up to some profound thought here, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.  I’m just tapping away on my keyboard until I run out of words.  I have no end game for this blog.

OOOOOHHHHH unexpected segue!

Maybe playing chess will help me to improve the end game in all facets of my life!!!  Wow, thanks blog (and chess)!

*angry chess voice in my head starts a slow clap*

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